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Mind Your Business:

6 Key Strategies Guaranteed to Help You Speak and Live Your Truth

"A passionate and personal self-help work that aims to help people become the best versions of themselves."
- The Kirkus Review


As a psychologist, for over twenty years I have dreamed of finding a formula for success that could help everyone walk in their truth and their greatness.  At first, the formula for success I envisioned was complicated and had so many moving pieces.  Then the idea of writing this book came to me.  Initially, I thought this book would be about my life story and my triumphs.  Then I realized I could use my story to break down this complicated formula for success into a set of key strategies that can help people live their lives in a manner that is as genuine as possible. While there is no specific magic formula to end all human suffering, the formula for happiness and success that I had been contemplating for so many years boiled down to something as simple (but not easy) as developing a set of strategic mechanisms to help individuals live in their authenticity.

Now I am no expert on God or the Bible. However, I personally have an unwavering faith in God and believe that God wants us all to honor our true selves and to use our individual gifts and talents to serve others.  I also believe that God’s plan for us all is to be fruitful and successful. This plan is not something that is just for a selected few.  God’s plan is available to everyone if we do something as simple, yet difficult, as live in our truth.  


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