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Meet Dr.Guerra

Juanita P. Guerra is a licensed clinical psychologist in New York.  The first fifteen years of her career she worked in a small community based mental health clinic and then a public hospital primarily serving underprivileged individuals in poverty stricken areas.  While her experiences were rich and gratifying she eventually felt stunted and responded to an inner calling that desired to do more.


In 2009 she followed her intuition and pursued the call to be greater.  She established a small private practice and worked as a consultant to social services departments and the court system to service at-risk youth and their families.  This work allowed her to see more clearly the struggle individuals and their families experience as they try to navigate the demands of daily living and the imbalances created in their lives by cultural and societal expectations.  


Dr. Guerra eventually realized that most people simply desire to be happy and to live their lives in a manner that feels genuine.  While this sounds easy enough to achieve, the reality is that from the day we are born, our experience with the world begins to mold us into a compromised version of ourselves that is generally far removed from who we are at our core.  This pivotal realization prompted Dr. Guerra to engage clients therapeutically in a manner that goes beyond the expectations of traditional therapy.  Dr. Guerra’s sole (Soul) focus now is to help clients learn how to connect to their true selves and diminish the unnecessary suffering most people seem to endure as the result of this disconnect from their core Self.  Dr. Guerra’s therapeutic work has evolved to incorporate her Spiritual mission: to help individuals connect to their genuine selves so that they can live their lives from a space of authenticity, embrace the God given gifts they have, and live in their purpose.    


Dr. Guerra is also a certified mental health panel expert in the New York Courts system, a certified hypnotherapist, a certified breath therapist and she has specialzied forensic training in childhood sexual abuse and trauma.  Dr. Guerra also has extensive training on developing one’s consciousness and leadership abilities.  She believes that doing one’s self-growth work and living in one’s truth is the key to happiness and living life authentically. 


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Juanita Guerra

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